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how to take continuous long exposure photos on a d5600

Nikon D5600 body such that it is now about $700 and representing good value for money. In 6 months we are likely to see it cheaper so long as the A$ plays ball. When we change the price of the Nikon D5600 body, all of our Nikon D5600 Lens Kits change as ... More

how to stop google ads on pc

In the same windows, select the option Search Providers on left side. On the right panel, choose Google, Bing or any preferred Search Engine and click then on Set as default. ... More

how to use commas in a sentence examples

Using commas (a summary) Our big commas test Using semicolons in lists Using semicolons in lists Commas after a sentence introductions Commas after a transitional phrase Commas after interjections (yes, no, indeed) Commas before conjunctions (and, or, but) Commas for parenthesis Commas with a long subject Commas with numbers Commas with quotation (speech) marks Commas with the … ... More

how to win euromillions lottery tips

Lottery Tips. 2 months, 2 weeks ago. Play any lottery intelligently! How to Win Mega Millions $654 Million Jackpot on 16 Oct 2018 Improve your odds by 62% in winning EuroMillions Jackpot of £80 Million on 14 August 2018 with magayo Lotto software! ... More

how to use decoctions witcher 3

Forktail decoction Combining various attacks (strong strikes, fast strikes, Signs) grants a bonus that increases Attack Power for the next attack mounted or Sign Intensity for the next Sign cast. ... More

how to show wordpress user meta fields

Custom fields are pieces of information that WordPress lets you add to content. Custom fields simplify both content administration and its display. In the WordPress admin, writers see the fields as separate items with their descriptions. To display custom fields on ... More

how to set up tesla app

Tesla, she said, needs to partner with other automakers, opening up patents, or offer a partnership on the Supercharger network, the network of fast-charging stations for the cars, for example. ... More

how to use bopomofo keyboard

Use the regular zhuyin keyboard to enter hanzi using zhuyin instead of pinyin. Here is another chart, one that shows IPA, pinyin, and zhuyin. NPA chart with IPA equivalents ... More

how to work in f1

The push to get more women into F1 has been a focus for some time, with the sports CEO and chairman, Chase Carey, addressing the matter at this years FIA Sport Conference that took place in ... More

how to sell issuer sponsored shares on commsec

If you have issuer-sponsored shares, our share sale service is fast and easy. If you do not have a broker or trading account and would like to quickly sell your shares, One Off Trades can help. We allow you to sell your shares without the need to open a full trading account. ... More

how to see if someobe removed a tag

See how your visitors are really using your website. Hotjar is a quick and easy way to really understand your website visitors. Try it for free! When you tag someone, you create a link to their profile. The post you tag the person in may also be added to that persons Timeline. For example, you ... More

how to start swimming competitively

7/06/2012 Best Answer: no not at all. i stared when i was 6 or so but my 50m free is 42! (im concentrating on getting a grade times on breast stroke so yh) i no plenty of people who started at 14 and older so you have a perfect age to start x ... More

how to say thank you but no thank you

When you put things away, you can actually audibly say, 'Hey, thank you for the good work today...' By doing so, it becomes easier for you to put the objects away and treasure them, which prolongs the spark of joy environment. ... More

how to send audio file on messenger

Enter your own email address in the “To” field and then tap “Send” to send the sound file to yourself as an email attachment. If you were sent the file in an email to begin with, you can skip this step. Step 2. Open the email on your computer and save the sound file to your hard drive. Step 3. Open iTunes on your computer. Click on the “File” menu and then “Add To Library ... More

how to tell if your external hard drive is dead

22/01/2011 · Tell us about your experience with our site. A. a4advisors Created on January 18, 2011. How can I tell if my external drive is bad? I had an external drive attached to my wife's computer. It used to register automatically as the N: drive. She keeps her music on this drive. I found today that the drive was not listed. I re-plugged the drive back into a different USB port and heard the computer ... More

how to avoid anger at work

22/01/2013 http// Dr. Michael Edelstein demonstrates how to avoid anger, resentment, and hostility with an unreasonable boss and how to manage your time better at work ... More

how to filter google search results

Google Now Letting All Users Filter Spam From Their Search Results. Google's recently taken aim at content farms and other spam sites by letting Chrome users give … ... More

how to send files together

Keep in mind that if index.html is in the same directory as your server code you will also serve the server code as static files which is undesirable. Instead you should move index.html , your css, images, scripts, etc. to a subdirectory such as one named public and use: ... More

how to start aim_bots 128tick

18/12/2015 Play against bots, pistol/hs only dm or training_aim_csgo as I like. Some days I don't warm up at all, some days I warmup 2 hours because no mates are online and I hate soloq. Currently supreme and aim is the smallest problem to rank up. ... More

how to tell if youre double jointed in your arms

... More

how to use ps and pc on one monitor

Update: Buying a Console Gaming Monitor in 2017 – 2018. PS4 and Xbox One are still the best selling consoles on the market and console games are stable more than ever. 4K gaming seems popular on PC but it is so expensive to build a PC for smooth 4K gaming. ... More

how to turn off icloud keychain yosemite

iOS device running iOS 8 or later: Tap Settings > iCloud > Keychain, and then turn on iCloud Keychain Mac running OS X Yosemite or later: Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > iCloud, then select Keychain ... More

how to use the clarins fix makeup mix

Next, take your stippling brush (which I am using here) a Beauty Blender or your preferred method of blending and gently begin to blend the color into the skin. Work from the middle of the skin out toward the hairline to keep the majority of the product in the middle of the face. This will also help keep you from forming a foundation ring around your hairline. ... More

how to write my birthday in japanese

20/10/2015 I wanted to write that on a card, can I write it on two lines? I was thinking to write ??? on the top line and ????? on the line below. can I do that in the Japanese reading system? or Have I to write in vertical form? ... More

how to work out volume in litres

12/07/2005 For a simple shape Volume(litres)=Width(cm)*Hegth(cm)*Depth(cm)/1000 I'm hoping to buy an appliance that is about 150cm tall, standard width and ... More

how to tell your boss to stop harassing you

16/06/2011 · The Supreme Court says that, if your employer has a published sexual harassment policy, you must report the harassment under that policy and … ... More

how to use virtualbox to run mac on windows

As DMG is the file format of Mac OS X, Windows OS can’t read the file. As we earlier mentioned in this guide , we need to convert the DMG to ISO, then use it on VirtualBox. This method will be useful to try and install any Hackintosh versions on Mac OS X on VirtualBox. ... More

how to stop iphone from syncing with ipad

How to Sync Outlook With an iPad Share on Facebook Apple's iCloud allows you to sync contacts, calendars and other data between your iPhone and iPad without the use of … ... More

nosefrida filters how to use

To use the stove or oven, just push in the release button, open the cover and you can cook as normal. Clear, durable plastic blends unobtrusively with your kitchen décor. Helps prevent accidents before they can happen. Comes in a handy pack of four. ... More

final fantasy 14 limit break how to use

The Jump Potion was introduced in Final Fantasy XIV with the release of patch 4.0 and the Stormblood expansion. With this new item, players will now be able to immediately level any Job to level ... More

how to use icons in wix

Which method you use depends on whether you are creating a bundle or MSI package. Bundle icons. The Bundle element's IconSourceFile attribute points to the icon that will be used both as the icon for the output executable (i.e. the icon that shows up in file explorer) and the icon in Add/Remove Programs. ... More

how to work out the average of grades

If we average all the numbers in the last column, your first semester sophomore year weighted GPA comes out to a 4.1. Now, to figure out your cumulative GPA, we just have to average the weighted GPAs from each semester (note that this only works if you took the same amount of classes each semester - if you didn't, I would recommend just using ... More

how to use korg es1

5/12/2006 · The 606 has had OS update since it was released. New units ship with the new OS. Chopper function is best around - you can edit the chop points in the unit by hand no worries. I like using … ... More

how to turn face time off on laptop

1/11/2018 In this Article: Enabling FaceTime in Settings Allowing FaceTime in Restrictions Making a FaceTime Call Community Q&A References. This wikiHow teaches you how to reactivate FaceTime if its default settings have been changed and the app has been disabled. ... More

how to turn up volume on toshiba satellite laptop

I have a Toshiba satellite p100-160 laptop running windows vista. I have conexant high definition smartaudio HD2 driver for the speakers. The sound works but the volume is very quiet. All the volume c ... More

how to use la germania gas oven

This single-oven cooker has a stamped stainless-steel worktop with 5 burners, including a central high-performance dual-ring burner with precise control from low simmer to high output. The gas oven is fan assisted and has 5 functions. ... More

how to set default font in powerpoint

24/04/2009 · This applies to Word Outlook Excel Powerpoint and Access. (This will set the default font to Arial for Excel, Access, and Outlook.) 2. In the add files section of the OCT add Blank.potx and for the location choose “[AppDataFolder]\Microsoft\Templates” (This will set the default font to Arial for Powerpoint .) 3. In the add files section of the OCT add default.dotm and for the location ... More

comm bank how to see past payments

How to Check My Credit Card History & Payments by Hal Bartle ; Updated July 27, 2017 One way to protect yourself from identity theft, and to make sure that you maintain a pristine credit rating, is by checking your credit card history and your credit card payments. ... More

how to stop autosave pokemon insurgence

Pokemon Apex is a fan game created by Nate . This game is created in RPG Maker XP using the Pokemon Essentials framework. Development on the game began in ... More

how to send calls straight to voicemail samsung galaxy

10/05/2015 · There doesn't seem to be a feature on the Galaxy S6! So far I've only found options to: Block certain calls, forward certain calls and forward all calls to a specific number. ... More

how to use near clip plane in lumion

Keyframe is something we are going to cover with the Near Clip Plane effect, but in simple terms, we can keyframe values during the length of the clip or movie. These two effects can be used in very speciic situations. One possibility is to combine these effects to hide and show sections of the project while doing the render. Why? When working with massive areas, this is a good way to optimize ... More

how to use anki app

Anki Mobile App For Apple. Unfortunately the Anki Mobile App for iPhones costs $24.99 in the iTunes store. If you have an iPhone, despite its cost, however, its ... More

how to get a job at the royal melbourne show

The Royal Melbourne Show is one of the largest annual events. It is held every year at the Melbourne Showgrounds (Epsom Road, Ascot Vale, 3032). It commences on 17th of September and ends on the 27th of September. ... More

i386 or amd64 how to tell centos

don't strip Ccs, thanks. (and try not to tofu either.) On Jan 31 2008 17:01, Justin Banks wrote: > >uname -a will tell you, though. No. uname is generally not a reliable source to tell you the bitness (or ... More

how to wear pattu saree in south indian style

Samudrika pattu saree is an opulent and memorable gift to women dear to you. The grammer of weaving silk saree is followed without the slightest deviation in these Wedding sarees . Current style is appropriately blended in these sarees at times without any compromise in the weight and quality of … ... More

how to use elektra espresso machine

Elektra srl is an Italian manufacturer of professional espresso and cappuccino equipment. Besides the high functionality Elektra´s machines distinguish themselves from the market through their design. Coffee grinders and accessories are also produced alongside to … ... More

how to get to maeklong railway market by train

The Maeklong market is located right on the tracks of an active railway line. All the vendors will quickly fold away their umbrellas and remove their containers and goods placed close to the tracks when the train arriving and they will restore the market when the train has passed. Then lunch will be served at … ... More

how to make a walk in shower base

14/12/2018 4 Leak-Proof a Shower Base Tile floors do not require as much care and cleaning as porcelain or fiberglass enclosures and are also more resistant to the growth of mold and bacteria. ... More

ark zoology how to study

Biogeography is the study of the distribution of species and ecosystems in geographic space and through geological time. Organisms and biological communities often vary in a regular fashion along geographic gradients of latitude , elevation , isolation and habitat area . [1] ... More

how to use eduroam usyd

usyd vpn Windows VPN download, usyd vpn Router VPN download (Secure VPN🔥) how to usyd vpn for last update Guardian view"> the 1 last update 2019/01/06 last update Guardian view Columnists ... More

how to tell if unpasteurized sake

22/07/2018 · Unpasteurized sake should be stored in the refrigerator, or in a cold cellar that stays between 33 to 40 °F (1 to 4 °C). The sake should be consumed within a month. After opening a bottle, drink the sake within a couple of days. ... More

how to send a android chrome tab to desktop

I know that I can go to history section in desktop and there I can locate the history of android tabs separately and then can open the tabs one by one but I want to transfer all my current android session to desktop at once without going through the arduous process of locations URLs in history one by one and then opening them. ... More

how to take screenshots on 3ds without miiverse

12/09/2014 · "Miiverse cannot be run while this software is being played, so posting screenshots to this community is not possible. When using this software with the New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL, Miiverse can be used while playing." ... More

how to set samsung remote

24/06/2018 · Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network using the on-screen keypad, then press the blue button on your Samsung remote. Your Samsung TV will attempt to connect to your Wi-Fi network. 7 ... More

how to start a tech support business

A Mac tech support handbook It's easy when you know the answer . More like this. Get your Mac ready for OS X Yosemite. An essential OS X Mavericks problem-solving guide. OS X Yosemite: How to take ... More

how to tell if your man is intimidated by you

People flat out telling you that you're ugly especially if it's someone close to you. It gets ingrained into your mind and you believe just because that persons' opinion matters to you. ... More

how to buy farmland even if you think you cant

... More

how to tell if your vape coil is burnt

15/05/2015 · Zach walks you through how to tell when your vaping coil goes bad. This can happen for a variety of reasons and be caused by both normal and incorrect use. ... More

how to turn off the elgato preview screen

Green screen. Collapsible chroma key panel. Pop-up tech. Simply flip open the aluminum case, lift the handle to a suitable height, and let the pneumatic x-frame automatically lock your canvas in place. ... More

how to see jesus in real life

Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams." There are many things in this picture, just take a look within! There are many things in this picture, just take a look within! ... More

how to wear high filtration surgical mask

50 surgical quality disposable face masks. - High filtration capacity - Adaptable nose bar - Hypoallergenic ... More

how to use bergamot essential oil for face

Bergamot essential oil that is obtained from the cold press process contains the chemical component bergaptene. This component makes the essential oil phototoxic. What does this mean? If you use this in any skin care product or apply this in any dilution to your skin and then are in the sun, you will notice a reaction on your skin like a rash or burn. When bergamot essential oil is obtained ... More

how to solve in uncharted 5

This puzzle has a total of 5 rings (or layers) that you can switch between with the use of the X button. Ill refer to the rings as ring 1 5 from outer to inner (outermost is ring 1 and ... More

how to start a cleaning business in maryland

Washington, DC is a great city to ponder how do I start a house cleaning business in. The latest economic reports show that Washington, DC is growing at a faster pace than the U.S. average. ... More

how to get your man to want you again

How to Get Your Man to Want You Again. Also try: Ways To Make Your Man Happy In A Relationship How to Get Your Man to Want You Again How To Make A Guy Long For You How Can I Make My Man Love Me Again How To Make Your Man Want You In Bed ... More

how to fix tv on the stand

15/02/2011 Make sure that the stand is compatible with your TV sets size and weight. When putting holes in the wall isnt a problem, your options increase in terms of being able to install a full-motion mount that can extend, tilt and swivel. ... More

how to turn an image into an illustration

Once you have created your document, choose a photograph you wish to turn into an illustration. Place this photo on your art board, then scale it to desired size. Place this … ... More

how to set up my instagram private

10/06/2018 · How can I retrieve my Instagram account if I forgot my email and password related to the link info when I registered? Set Up Instagram. How to. Log Out of Instagram. How to. Access Instagram on a PC. How to . Log Out of Other Devices on Instagram on iPhone or iPad. How to. Log Out of Other Devices on Instagram on Android. How to. Log Out of Other Devices on Instagram on a … ... More

how to use a desiccator safely

Use care when opening and closing the desiccator. The lid is heavy and the grease prevents The lid is heavy and the grease prevents simply lifting it away from the bowl. ... More

how to stop pull down projector screen moving

The screen is designed for easy mounting to the wall or ceiling. Once it's up, grab the pull-cord and enjoy the movie from anywhere in the room with the 160 viewing angle. Once it's up, grab the pull-cord and enjoy the movie from anywhere in the room with the 160 viewing angle. ... More

how to wear wonder woman boot covers

See more What others are saying "(For wonder woman)The original pin said "Socks glued on ballet flats for Super Hero boots", but I'm guessing you could just wear socks over the shoes without the glue." ... More

how to take cleats off the pedal

Take a look at your new cleats. Most will have a small marking to denote the centre. This is the point that sits directly over the pedal axle. Most will have a small marking to denote the centre. ... More

how to win pick 3 on youtube

11/01/2019 How to win the lottery! Peace and blessings! ... More

how to write an invitation

1/01/2009 · When writing an invitation, use language that describes the tone of the event. Write an invitation with tips from a writing instructor in this free video on writing tips. ... More

how to write subscript in wordpress

I want to have a subscript and superscript in my GUI in Matlab. So far I have tried to use x_2 and x^2 and neither of them work. Is there anyone who knows how to do this? Thanks in advance! So far I have tried to use x_2 and x^2 and neither of them work. ... More

how to see internet history from school

I was checking the internet history on my son's computer and tried to open one listing by right-clicking and then thumbnails. Now, instead of seeing an itemized listing by day and time of all sites he … ... More

how to set up a street food stall

London’s street food scene is in rude health. Operating from brushed steel trailers, strong-chinned meat junkies hawk burgers twice as tall as they are wide. ... More

how to build a walk in closet system

When you look at reach-in and walk-in closet designs, it sure looks pretty easy to come up with those awesome configurations, doesn’t it? But, then you decide to design your own closet, whether a reach-in closet system or luxurious walk-in closet and you’re left staring at the page wondering what on earth should I put where? ... More

how to start a new game in pokemon black

The games are set two years after the games Pokemon Black and White, and the Unova region has changed drastically with new locations and Pokemon from previous generations. The player - Nate , the male protagonist, or Rosa , the female protagonist - starts in a location southwest in Unova called Aspertia City with Hugh , the player's rival . ... More

how to use a passive needle safety device

Phlebotomy has benefited from improvements in safety-engineered devices to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries among healthcare workers. Since the signing of the Federal Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act, significant advancements have been made by improving quality processes around needle/sharp safety. ... More

how to make a cd-rw work in car

10/06/2010 · If you want to create an audio CD that will work in "plain" CD players, you'll need to use burning software that knows how to create one. I happen to use Roxio's Easy CD Creator, and it will, when burning, automatically decompress my MP3 files to the correct format as required by audio CDs. The trick is simply to select Roxio's "Music Disc Creator" program, and select "Audio CD" as the type … ... More

how to use microsoft publisher 2013 to make a banner

10/05/2017 Hi, Since moving our users to Office 2013 a number of complained that saving of .pub files as JPG results in a 0Kb file. Having performed some testing this only seems to be the case with .pub files which have large dimensions (e.g. banners, large posters). ... More

how to work out roi

Let’s talk numbers – beautiful, beautiful numbers. To be precise, let’s talk about return on investment. Return on investment (ROI) can sometimes be difficult to calculate, and yet it can also be so important. ... More

how to pulse search dragon age

Back to Dragon Age: Inquisition guide and walkthrough Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. ... More

samuel l jackson how to speak it book

Earth 1610. Not the year 1610. The Ultimate Dimension 1610. The year is 1945. Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, plunges into the Arctic waters after de-routing a Nazi rocket aimed for Washington. ... More

trueachievements how to tell when something will recalculate

8/01/2019 · Something isn't updating correctly! Some of the site pages and stats are only updated once or twice daily to save a lot of processing power. Please allow 24 hours for those pages to recalculate. ... More

how to use total commander

Total Commander for Windows Phone - file Manager, ftp Client, ZIP packer and unpacker with AES encryption Support. Description of the used permissions: internetClientServer: For FTP, WebDAV, cloud services musicLibrary, picturesLibrary, videosLibrary: for uploads+downloads, local copying removableStorage: To access the SD card (via "+" button ... More

how to turn a motorcycle on

Hot on the heels of the The Power of the Quick Turn article is this followup post about what happens after you tip into a corner. Too many riders struggle with cornering, not necessarily because they are afraid to lean, but becasue they do not understand how to properly complete a turn. ... More

how to turn off auto attack in eq

Command Description /assist off Does not turn on auto-attack when you /assist someone. Note this is a global setting and not per character (not-confirmed). ... More

how to use mucinex fast max

How to use Mucinex Fast-Max Congestion-Cough oral If you are taking the over-the-counter product, read all directions on the product package before taking this medication. If you have any questions, consult your pharmacist. ... More

how to use the youtube editor

The YouTube Editor is not the most powerful editor you will ever use. However, it is free, and it includes all the basic editing tools you need to make a professional looking video. It is also an online tool, so you can use it anywhere you have an internet connection, and on any computer that you ... More

how to start a poem about someone

Start a company writing personalized poems for people who might not have the same particular talent as you do. Are you naturally gifted at writing poems about mothers on Mothers Day? Or what about writing poems as eulogies? Let out your inner entrepreneur and your muse at the same time! ... More

how to see what someone comments on instagram

See what comments are trending on Instagram. Looking for ways to increase the comments on your own channel. In this post, we will look at not only your own comments but also how to see what someone comments on Instagram and why you should pay attention. ... More

how to use a builders water level

Watering system will use free fall for water feeding. Because of that, water tank needs to be lifted up from floor level. We made water tank from drainpipe 1m in length and 16 cm in diameter. We divided pipe into two sections. Lover section (first 50 cm) will house valves. Upper section will serve as water tank. On the upper section we are using pipe end cap as water tank cover. On end cap we ... More

how to set up a new email account in outlook

... More

how to tell if someone is faking hearing voices

5/01/2019 I am not diagnosed with anything. I've recently had a issue with someone who owed me lots of money. I went over to thier house (after a month of promises) and ended up getting taken away in a patrol car and put in a cell(a series of bad decisions I felt where done in rage). ... More

how to use transparent miners need cool shoes

Use your hands instead. Be sure they're clean, or you'll transfer acne-causing dirt and oil right back! Be sure they're clean, or you'll transfer acne-causing dirt and oil right back! 5. ... More

how to stop panic attacks during exams

Panic Attacks during an exam - Can the student be re-tested? Ask Question 32. 1. I am a student who is currently undergoing therapy for mental health issues and I seem to be making good progress towards normalcy according to my therapist. Recently, I took an exam for a co-ordinated course and I completely panicked on the exam. I made a brave attempt to remain calm and answer the question to ... More

when and how to use key

This tutorial explains how to generate, use, and upload an SSH Key Pair. SSH keys provide a more secure way of logging into a virtual private server with SSH than using a password alone. With SSH keys, users can log into a server without a password. ... More

how to set your hair like marilyn monroe

How to make hair like Marilyn Monroe? In the event that you truly need to have hair like Marilyn’s, then you ought to get a layered, mid length trim, with shorter layers in the front and more layers in the back. Once you have this look down, you can give your hair additional volume by brushing some gel into it while it’s clammy and after that blow-drying it dry in areas. In the event that ... More

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how to send friends chips on wsop

Make it a habit to spend a few minutes every day to send free chips to your friends when they accept your gift, free chips are automatically sent back to you literally a gift that keeps on giving. Again, you could get up to 1 million chips at a time, and the more friends you have, the more free chips you get. Its a great joy to sign in to the game each day and see that you have 30

how to use orion skyquest xt6

31/12/2010 · The Orion XT6 and the Skywatcher Skyliner 150 and both made by the company Synta so they most probably have the same mirrors. See the Skywatcher here Dobsonians - Skywatcher Skyliner 150P Dobsonian At £179 it's the same scope as the XT6 for £50 less.

how to use crystal wash

a- easy to do, and fast. first acquire dope and acetone. make sure you buy or obtain pure acetone from a hardware store or similar. do not use old acetone or if it's been open any length of time and i iwll explain why. acetone loves water it will

how to set auz switches on taranis

Everybody knows by now that FrSky has chosen OpenTX as the operating system for their new Taranis radio :) This manual intends to describe the OpenTX firmware installed on the Taranis. It will offer some explanations about the philosophy of the firmware and how to set up models.

how to win friends and influence people criticism

― Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People tags: complaint , condemnation , criticism , fools , misattributed-ben-franklin 725 likes

how to send songs from google play music

Just adding your song files to your Nexus 7 or Android device will add them to that device's playlist, but if you want to have it either stream from the cloud or want it to sync with all devices

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Nunavut: Kugaryuak NU, Kugaaruk NU, NU Canada, X0A 5H8

England: Sittingbourne ENG, Willenhall ENG, Cambridge(/ Milton) ENG, Reading ENG, Grays ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 8A5

Northern Ireland: Bangor NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Belfast NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 5H2

Scotland: Dundee SCO, Glasgow SCO, Edinburgh SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, Livingston SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 3B6

Wales: Swansea WAL, Neath WAL, Swansea WAL, Cardiff WAL, Barry WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 2D2