how to set up a dome tent

You asked for a quick set up tent that you can stand up inside and we designed it! Our four season tent is great for any activity where you need a durable tent with a quick and easy setup. ... More

how to stop smoking cigarettes tips

Smoking - tips on how to quit There are many ways to quit smoking. There are also resources to help you. Family members, friends, and co-workers may be supportive. But to be successful, you must really want to quit… ... More

how to wear white converse tumblr

Exploring My Style blog. American Eagle chambray shirt worn over a striped tee, American Eagle hi-rise black jeggings, white converse sneakers, leopard scarf. ... More

how to train your dragon 2 sad

THR reports that How To Train Your Dragon 2 pulled in $5.6 mil on opening day there, which pushed it above the $500 mil mark. And that number just keeps growing, which is good news for How To ... More

how to remove search from gmail

Please follow the steps below to remove your Gmail account. G o to your Inbox . Click on the Gear icon before your name in the upper part of the page and then select More Mail Settings . ... More

how to show turbo boots in toyota hilux 2016 screen

The all-new 2016 Hilux continues Toyota’s tradition of the high-riding, utilitarian pickup. The Hilux offers superb approach and departure angles thanks to its long wheelbase and short overhangs. ... More

how to make dog smile on command

Go back and forth between the commands as needed to allow your dog to fully understand what that the speak command calls for one to two barks but not constant barking. Note: If you prefer using a clicker, make sure you have the clicker, one of his toys, and some treats on you. ... More

how to turn off mac keyboard light

Apple pairs the wireless keyboard with the iMac for your convenience. All you need to do is turn on the computer and keyboard the devices should interact automatically. When the iMac is on, you will know theres a problem if the keyboard remains off after you press its power button and the green LED fails to ... More

how to use rune armor set

6/10/2017 · I use 4 lich runes and 2 trapper runes for the condi duration. You could use 4 nightmare runes instead of the lich runes. Both end up giving you 25% condi duration with the trapper runes but lich gives vitality and nightmare gives condi dmg. ... More

how to use a prostate vibrator

Vibrating Prostate Massager Anal Sex Toy for Men P-Spot Orgasm Stimulator Multi-Function Vibrating Adult Novelty Male G Spot Vibrator Prostate Massager with 8 Vibration Modes, PALOQUETH 3 in 1 Prostate Stimulator with 2 Intense Motors for P-Spot Testicles Perineum Stimulation, Wireless Remote Anal Sex Toy 4.3 out of 5 stars 281. $28.69. Male Prostate Massager Vibrating Anal Sex Toys with 3 ... More

how to stop gag reflex mouth guard

Expansion of the zone that triggers the “gag” reflex is another technique that requires the patient's participation, particularly in the time between dental appointments. One method that can work with a dedicated effort is to have the patient work with a toothbrush or a tongue scraper with a goal of gaining some comfort in the sensitive areas that create a quicker-than-normal response to ... More

how to use replace on arrays in python 3

As to hints: Get to know the tools that Python ofters, especially list (and for Python 3 also dict) comprehensions, the ternary operator, anonymous (lambda) functions, and functions like map, zip, filter, reduce, etc. – balpha ♦ Oct 9 '09 at 12:56 ... More

bmw e90 senter bearing how to take it out

BMW E90 E92 E93 2006-2011 325i 328i 330i Radiator Replacement Make sure the engine is completely cooled off prior to working on the cooling system. Safely jack up … ... More

how to send a bank wire transfer

Domestic and international wire transfers are deposited to your active U.S. Bank checking or savings account once they are processed by the Federal Reserve (domestic wires) or the Swift system (international wires). ... More

how to start group call on skype iphone

2/04/2013 · To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. User profile for user: Drakians Drakians User level: Level 1 (0 points) Question: Q: Question: Q: How to unhold a skype call on my Iphone 5. Hello, i was wondering, i could be blind but how do i unhold a call on my iphone5. sometimes it automatically put ppl on hold and i cant figure out how i am able to unhold a call. Anyone know ... More

how to use binoculars in battlefield 1 xbox one

Nothing is Written is a Battlefield 1 campaign that roughly follows Lawrence of Arabia's story and his involvement in World War I. It has 15 field manuals spread out over the three chapters ... More

how to write i love you in korean characters

This will take you an hour or less to get all the characters in your head so you can read and write Japanese. Will it be slow and awkward at first? Of course; just like your first kiss. But that’s how language goes and there’s no way around that. ... More

how to win at checkers every time tutorial

11/01/2016 How To Win at Checkers (Every Time) unfolds a riveting dramatic portrayal of poverty and privilege, corruption and compromises as it conveys a bittersweet coming-of-age story. The film also features stellar performances ... More

how to take a good photo of a poster youtube

26/06/2017 · This tutorial will show you how to make a poster in Adobe Illustrator. Create a new document and set your poster size based on the size of paper you'll be printing on, choose either the... Create a new document and set your poster size based on … ... More

how to use british national corpus

Facts and figures about the British National Corpus, and its use in producing the dictionary content at We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. ... More

how to write in pqa

The deletion of PQA.CMD will fail if your Windows uses the NT File System (NTFS) and you have no write rights for the file. Request your system administrator to grant you write rights for the file. Request your system administrator to grant you write rights for the file. ... More

cast of how to train your dragon 2

20/05/2014 Eret, Son of Eret, is the "greatest dragon trapper alive" (or so he says over and over again to anyone who will listen). Cocky and charmingly cavalier, Eret has the showmanship of ... More

how to win on prize wheel

14/09/2017 We have made amazing prize wheel DIY toy for kids. It's very simple to make and I have used cardboard and fidget spinner. Please subscribe to our channel here: ... More

how to understand surf reports

"Alexa, ask Coastalwatch for the surf forecast". The official Coastalwatch Skill for Alexa enabled devices allows you to use your voice to get the latest conditions and forecasts. The official Coastalwatch Skill for Alexa enabled devices allows you to use your voice to get the latest conditions and forecasts. ... More

uwa how to use research email address

Address University Hall 130 Winthrop Ave, Crawley Western Australia 6009 Telephone (+61 8) 9273 3333 Office Hours Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm ... More

how to stop your period for an hour

I have smoked ice/ meth daily for around 12 months and decided it was time to quit I stopped a few a panic attack from time to time can u give any advice on how ... More

how to turn off note 5 with broken screen

But in the end, you will be able to unlock recover data from Note 5 broken screen. This method will work even if your screen and digitizer isnt working. but the rest of phone should be functional and also it should be powered on. ... More

how to use effax leather combi

Effax. The extensive effax leather care range ensures that your leather equipment is always perfectly cleaned and cared for! The combination of popular, well-tried and newly developed products provides you with optimum care. ... More

how to use rule of thirds in photography

Rule of Thirds Imagine that your image is divided into 9 equal segments by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. The rule of thirds says that you should position the most important elements in your scene along these lines, or at the points where they intersect. ... More

how to work with coworkers

As you move along your career path you will discover that the majority of your peers are good up-standing individuals. Like you, they work hard and care about the work they do. ... More

how to make a study guide on microsoft word

WordArt was first introduced in Microsoft Word. In 2007, it was incorporated into PowerPoint as well. This feature lets you add different effects to your text, such as bend and stretch or modify ... More

how to speak french good after noon

How to say good afternoon in Armenian How do you say 'good afternoon' in Armenian? Here's a list of phrases you may be looking for. ... More

how to set budget for adwords

The best way to deal with Limited by Budget in AdWords is to combine all these methods. Ensure your settings arent set to something thats going to drain all your budget away. Cut out the least profitable segments of the campaign to choose which segments youre focused on. And finally, lower your bids to ensure youre getting the most clicks you possibly can for your budget. ... More

how to write a detective book

Its not fine for the detective to solve the mystery and explain it all to a hushed and respectful audience. On the contrary, he or she must live in fear of his or her life. Its ... More

how to use opalescence teeth whitening gel

How To Use Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gel Teeth Whitening 4 You Ingredients Opalescence Teeth Whitening In Office dental.teeth.whitening.gel Mall Teeth Whitening Are Teeth Whitening Salons Legal In Nj The best teeth whitening gels can be found online at per year price. ... More

how to turn on google docs offline sync

Google Drive is a new service of Google, that comes with Google Docs. It is a new file synchronization product that allows users to centrally store all of their files in Google Docs. Files can be accessed via a web browser, the Google Drive client, and the Google Drive mobile app. Each user gets 5 ... More

laptop how to see if num lock is on

The subject line says it all. My new XPS 15 notebook apparently has no number lock function on its keyboard. I good deal of special characters from time to time and the number lock function is necessary to use character codes like "alt+0149" to get a bullet character. ... More

how to write movie script in tamil

I've been busy with few things... filmmaking, writing scripts and mothering a hyperactive toddler. Meanwhile I've noticed that a lot of people who have read my article on ' How to write a movie screenplay ' ask for a copy of my movie Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru 's screenplay/script . ... More

how to use a springform cake tin

Springform Cake Tins Bake healthier with springform cake tins that allow the easy release of your cake without relying on large amounts of grease and fat. Make baking a breeze with springform cake tins that offer non stick coating and even heat distribution for a super-easy clean up. ... More

how to turn off vertical sync intel

Turning Vsync Off With An Intel Laptop Sep 3, 2009. So I installed Win 7 and I was all happy, fresh stuff and all. Well the problem was when I started playing games and the fps dropped to 60. ... More

how to use liqui moly engine flush

29/05/2014 · What do mean. Is this Liqui Moly engine flush bad for my engine. I have planned to use it because my engine oil gets black and dirty very soon i.e, after driving only 300 KM or may be less. ... More

how to push start a semi truck

If your semi-truck won’t jump off due to a bad starter call Classic Towing for a pull start. Pull starting, also known as bump starting, clutch starting, popping the clutch or crash starting is a method of starting a truck by engaging the manual transmission while the vehicle is in motion. ... More

how to take a pregnancy test

The urine pregnancy test (home pregnancy test or HPT) checks for the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG. hCG is made by the implanting blastocyst and first appears in the maternal blood around implantation, on average 9 days (with a range of 6-12 days) after ovulation. ... More

how to use a network switch with a router

With a router, all home computers connect to the router as peers, and the router handles all such Internet gateway functions. Routers Are Smarter in Other Ways, Too Additionally, broadband routers contain several features beyond those of traditional routers such as integrated DHCP server and network … ... More

immersion heater how to use

By contrast an immersion heater uses electricity to heat the water in the tank only. Results of calculations: Based on the calculations below, standard rate electricity is the least efficient way to heat water in your home. ... More

how to send money to us from india

Get the best deal on your next money transfer to India. Online money transfer companies usually offer the lowest fees and the most competitive exchange rates, but you’ll need to send cash if your recipient doesn’t have an account with a supported bank. ... More

how to take out hickies

Really loving the fact that you can try HICKIES out via our iPhone and iPad app before buying a pack! Go ahead, download the app and try out a few colors for yourself. HICKIES. HICKIES . Dress Up Shoes Skate Shoes Designer Shoes Ipad. One of the coolest things about HICKIES is that we have an APP for the iPhone and the iPad. If you want to try a set out before buying download our APP and see ... More

munchkin cups how to use

No, its not a miracle, exactly its Munchkins Miracle 360 Trainer Cup. The first sippy cup invented with both parents and kids in mind, the Miracle 360 Trainer Cup eliminates messes and supports kids dental health all at once. ... More

how to write a business case analysis report

How to Write and Format a Business Case Study Case Study Structure, Format and Components Learn How to Write a Business Email for Formal and Informal Situations . 5 Steps to Write a Strong Position Paper. How to Write a Business Letter in French. 8 Steps to Writing a Case Brief. How to Write an Expository Essay. How to Write a Character Analysis. How to Write a Great Book Report ... More

how to set up mfc 7840w wireless printer

Solutions differ depending on when the problem occurs. Click a link below to find the best solution to the problem. CASE A: The problem occurs when you connect the Brother machine to a wireless network for the first time. CASE B: You used to be able to print or scan over the wireless network, but ... More

how to set up a drop down list in excel

20/12/2017 · A couple of years ago, I described how you could select multiple items from an Excel drop down list. One of my clients needed that feature in a workbook last week, so I’ve made... One of my clients needed that feature in a workbook last week, so I’ve made... ... More

how to go italy for work

One of the Best Places to Go in Italy: The Strozzi Family Estate After these history lessons, we are motioned to get on the golf carts, as they will be giving us a ... More

how to get rid of non stop burping

7/07/2010 · My stomach is tender and feels irritated and I can't stop burping. It's annoying and a little scary. If anyone else has been through this and knows what to do, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks. It's annoying and a little scary. ... More

how to use puff pastry in recipes

You now have puff pastry ready to use. You can cut this recipe in half and save some dough in the fridge to use for another recipe. Make sure when you roll out the pastry for your recipe, you cut the edges off and leave the cut edge (this produces that puff along the edge and shows all the buttery layers! Puff Pastry Recipes. Some great puff pastry recipes include Fruit Filled Turnovers ... More

how to use dictionary on multiple forms c

2 a: a location (as in the memory of a computer) where particular information is stored. b: a series of usually alphanumeric characters that specifies the storage location (as on a network or in a computer's memory) of particular information an Internet address A unique number called ... More

how to search a person by photo

There are many places a person could look if they were interested in looking at pictures of termites. Some of the best places are Google Images and Hub Pages. Some of the best places are Google ... More

how to stop the hook effecr

A Hook effect, on the other hand, is something that is seen when there are very high levels of antigen in the sample. As a result specific binding of the antigen is insufficient to match analyte levels and signal is lower than expected. The best way to avoid this issue is to test several dilutions of each sample. ... More

how to pack a suitcase for overseas travel

Pack them in a plastic bag to avoid dirt rubbing off. Google how to pack a suitcase for videos and tips on efficient packing. It is amazing how much you can cram in and if you only ... More

minecraft how to use atlas

9/01/2019 · A short tutorial on how to craft a bed in Atlas. Leave a comment if you have any questions. More Atlas Tutorials: ... More

how to turn on your boyfriend while kissing

It may also be great if you kiss your partner in a whole new light by opening your eyes while you kiss him/her. Although it can be difficult to do it, kissing while your eyes are open will hep you admire your partners face and expression while youre in this very intimate moment. ... More

how to set up bed levelling on ramps 1.4

I cannot get G29 command to work. Nothing happens when I use the G29 command. I am using a Prusa I3 with Ramps 1.4. The Prusa I3 works properly except for Auto Bed compensation. I am using Ramps 1.0.2 loaded with Arduino 1.6.5 r5. The se... ... More

how to write song lyrics in a paper

These quick tips on how to write lyrics to a song will get you started, but keep in mind that there is a lot more to the craft. I suggest grabbing a FREE copy of “ 21 Ways to Write Better Songs ,” to help you become a really great songwriter. ... More

how to train your dragon showbag

New Celebration 8pcs Dragon Toys PVC Assorted How to Train Your Dragon 4 to 6cm Action Figures Night Fury Toothless Dragons Birthday Party Favour Loot Bag … ... More

how to tell if iphone is unlocked sprint

How to tell if your iPhone is unlocked It seems most of you are still confused about this whole unlocking business and whether you may actually need an unlock. In our web and call center stats we see that many people are asking how to check iPhone locked or unlocked. ... More

ebay australia how to sell

Do you want to sell on eBay but dont know how? Auction Valet is here to help! Auction Valet is your online buying and selling resource guide dedicated to giving Australians every opportunity to make money on eBay. ... More

kings raid how to spend rubbies

In Kings Raid you can get heroes by buying them with gems. In most games you have to spend a set amount and randomly pull a hero and hope you get one you want. In most games you have to spend a set amount and randomly pull a hero and hope you get one you want. ... More

how to start a consulting company in usa

If you've been a consultant, then you have been in the business of consulting. There's been someone who interfaced with the client on your behalf to sell your services to the client. It is possible to start up your own consulting firm, but it's not easy. You need to understand the local rules for doing business. (For example, if you're doing business with the US Federal government, it helps to ... More

how to win uno attack

Originating from the traditional Uno game is the Uno Attack (also referred to as Uno Extreme in the UK and Canada). Both are basically shedding type card games, with some variations in the latter. The game consists of 112 cards and a battery-operated card launcher. ... More

how to teach my horse tricks

21/01/2012 · What fun tricks can you guys think of for me to teach my horse. I won't be teach rearing, bucking and things like that for my horses safety and for mine. ... More

how to set up prefixer

26/05/2013 · I know the answer You have to go get Buycraft and set it up with your server. Then, one of your Buycraft packages (for example, donator) will have a command going with it. ... More

how to use isometric dot paper

36 Dot Paper free download. Download free printable Dot Paper samples in PDF, Word and Excel formats ... More

how to start active directory domain services

25/09/2016 · Quick look about active directory domain services configuration wizard in MS Server 2012 R2. ... More

how to tell if leather jacket is too big

When I went in to actually get the jacket tailored, she said that the hook and eyes would close the gap, but that the jacket would still be too tight. In order for the jacket to fit properly, I’d need to have the shoulders and arms let out…a process that would cost $40. ... More

how to tell how old a quaker parrot is

Parrot bowel movements easily tell the story of what they are eating and how long it is taking for the food to pass through the intestines. Careful attention to the consistency of the poop, and by monitoring the size, color, urine content and frequency of the stools will assist in determining how much the baby is eating on its own. ... More

how to use maybelline dream cushion

Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation ($15.99 MSRP) is touted as being an on-the-go, lightweight liquid foundation that gives you complete, luminous coverage. When I figured out how to work this foundation to suit me, I liked it even more than the FIT ME!® Matte + Poreless Foundation that I have been wearing for the last few months. ... More

how to use egg cup and spoon

Promptly remove each egg with a draining spoon and place on toast (one egg per slice of buttered toast). Immediately serve (while still hot) as a wholesome breakfast, quick lunch, or a ... More

how to use a half circle protractor

And again, when you measure on a circle protractor, or any protractor for that matter, you're gonna line one ray up to the zero, and then measure the opening 'til you get to the other ray, which in this case opened up to 160 degrees. ... More

how to set white balance

The white-balance setting is easy to adjust according to the available light. If your camera has a WB button, press it; if not, its probably hidden in a sub-menu. ... More

how to work fast pass at disneyland

The Disneyland FastPass: Youll wonder how it could possibly work. All you need to know is-- It just does. What is a FastPass? It's a ticket that holds your place in line for a ride. ... More

how to use func in c#

Examples. The following example demonstrates how to declare and use a Func delegate. This example declares a Func variable and assigns it a lambda expression that converts the characters in a string to uppercase. ... More

how to use hdmi cable from iphone to tv

21/09/2014 · Same situation here (HDMI cable from apple) on iPhone 4s, dont work anymore on my 4s IOS8, but still work on 4s IOS7 of my wife. I have no error, only black screen, I can hear de sound, but no image. I have no error, only black screen, I can hear de sound, but no image. ... More

how to get work experience as receptionist

5 Front Desk Receptionist Interview Questions & Answers. 1. Describe your previous duties as a receptionist? I have had a couple of different receptionist jobs and feel that I have experience in a … ... More

how to use selenium webdriver

Selenium Grid is a part of the Selenium Suite that specializes in running multiple tests at the same time on different machines, different browsers, and different operating systems. ... More

how to start cover letter for casual job

A cover letter is a form of communication that acts like a dialogue with your prospective employer before you ever even meet him or her. It can be a great way to offer up your skills and experience so as to stand out from other candidates who are applying for the same job. ... More

how to solve differentiation on ti nspire cx cas

Math Plane ---->>>FLIGHT DELAYS!! TI nspire cx cas calculator project 3 - Calculus: derivatives and graphs. The following project will help the user become more familiar with finding derivatives, evaluating points, graphing, using documents, and more. Project. 1) Graph f(x) 2) Find the derivative f'(x) and graph. 3) Evaluate f(5) and f'(5) Step by Step Instructions and Illustrations Find ... More

how to thank a customer

28/10/2017 Include a few follow-up lines. A customer thank you letter is an appropriate time to ask some basic follow-up questions to make sure the customer feels that his or her needs are served. ... More

how to take baby passport photo

My two weeks old daughter needs a passport and, for this, we need a picture of her. Since we struggle to get a good angle of her for our own, private pictures, it seems to be even more complicated... ... More

how to make your chest stop hurting

How to Deadlift in 5 steps: walk to the bar, grab it, bend your knees, lift your chest, pull. The “dead” in Deadlift stands for dead weight. So every rep must start on the floor, from a dead stop. ... More

how to talk on discord without a mic

25/09/2018 · wikiHow is a wiki similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are written collaboratively. To create this article, 9 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. ... More

how to use css to attach one element to another

Another way is to use the background or background-image property within CSS to assign a background image to an element. Either option will do the job; however, they each have specific use cases. Either option will do the job; however, they each have specific use cases. ... More

how to take a screen shot of a dvd mac

Grab is an app for Mac OS X that lets you take screenshot of your Mac OS X screen. It supports capturing the entire window, the entire screen, or only a portion of your screen. Grab has a few extra advantages over keyboard shortcuts such as: ... More

how to tell the difference between hemorrhoids and cancer

Hemorrhoids and hernias, although they start with the same letter, are diversely different conditions. However, each responds to both home-based as well as medically based treatment methodologies. Depending on severity, frequency, and overall health and wellness, individuals may benefit from a ... More

how to spend 4 hours in dubai airport

Dubai International Airport has become one of the most important flight connection centers in the world. Driven by the growth of its main airline, Emirates, it has become the most convenient stopping point for flights between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. ... More

how to set drive as the local disk

23/03/2014 · Removable Flash Drive Recognized as a Local Disk and not a Flash Drive I recently purchased a 32 GB San Disk Flash Drive. The security files pre-installed on the drive were junk, and I could not delete them so I formatted the drive to remove them. ... More

how to get rid of bruises from blood work

6/10/2013 · I have bruises on my face for putting a lot of hours on illegal work when I created my character. How do I get rid of them? I tried taking a shower in my apartment but that didn't work. ... More

how to turn on bluetooth device in windows 7

20/02/2018 · it disables all bluetooth devices and bluetooth network devices. replace disable with enable to enable all bluetooth devices. Works on windows 7 all versions windows 10 1511 and 1703. Monday, November 13, 2017 11:01 PM. Reply Quote text ... More

how to turn on fisher and paykel stove

Fisher and Paykel Spare Parts – We stock a full Range of Fisher and Paykel Appliance Parts. Doug Smith Spares are a Full-Service supplier of Spare parts. Although we don’t list all our Fisher and Paykel parts on our web-shop, we stock a very wide range of commonly used parts. ... More

how to stop prosecco going flat

The teaspoon stops it going flat. Or at least slows it down: I can't vouch for more than 2 days as it never lasts any longer than that in our house! Or at least slows it down: I can't vouch for more than 2 days as it never lasts any longer than that in our house! ... More

how to screen cap in win 10

A majority of Windows users do not know how to take screenshot in Windows 10 or only knows the most basic feature. So, here, we have mentioned 5 ways for how to take screenshot in Windows 10, both basic and advanced ... More

how to work around amazon prime location blocker

If you want to watch Amazon Prime Video in Canada right now and stream Clarkson’s new show, The Grand Tour, you can do so easily, without the need for a VPN to change your location … ... More

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how to train cat to eat meat

Because they cant just eat vegetables .. no more the a vegantain animal can eat meat. . I think it could go more 1 way then the other at for animals cats . Yes humans do huntv and kill and eat animals m but theyre pet pav k for son a of us. But still . Someone had to kill it. Or hunt it first and kill it.

how to show big date on descktop

8/12/2012 · Put Big Time/date/day on the desktop in windows 8 and 7 JND Maknojiya. Loading... Unsubscribe from JND Maknojiya? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 10K. …

how to take your phone off private number

In the Phone app, swipe down from the top of the screen. Tap > Show my Number. Turn on the Allow My Number to Appear When Calling switch.

how to stop your boyriend from doing bburnoits

from reading your question in my opinion I really don't think you love this man deep down.. You can say it til your hearts content but saying it and meaning it are two different things..I was cheated on for a year.

how to charge walk n talk

11/11/2018 Play next; Play now; January Jump Start HERE: 1 Mile Walk and Talk: How to Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions in 2018

how to sit on chairs pubg

28/12/2018 · Hello guys I am back with another video.This time I was thinking of Minecraft XD that's why I thought I shall make a video of Minecraft btw enjoy.I think I will make a PUBG video also :)

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Northern Ireland: Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Bangor NIR, Belfast NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 3H9

Scotland: Livingston SCO, Glasgow SCO, Dunfermline SCO, Kirkcaldy SCO, Hamilton SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 2B4

Wales: Newport WAL, Wrexham WAL, Cardiff WAL, Newport WAL, Neath WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 2D5